Eating out & pink monsters

Yesterday, I was in the lovely little town called Boxmeer. I had rehearsals at the not so humble 'studio in a garden' of one of the band members for our big Janis Joplin session at the Zwarte Cross festival this weekend. After a very very good, long and inspring session (I am SO psyched to be hitting the stage again this saturday), me and the band were hungry as bears and we decided to go out for dinner. There was a recently opened restaurant in town so we went to try it.
As I expected, there were no vegan options on the menu and the only vegetarian dish was something with lots of cheese. So when the waiter came to take our order I put on my friendliest smile and asked him if he could ask the kitchen to make me a big plate of vegetables, and maybe some potatoes or pasta (hold the cheese and cream, please!). He looked a bit confused and pointed to the vegetarian cheese dish, so I repeated the question, still smiling like I meant it. The waiter left, and I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers.

When the food came, I was presented a plate with as much as about two tablespoons of ratatouille and some carefully placed stripes of tomato ketchup, all centering a minuscule, credit card sized piece of 'red onion tarte-tatin'. I was a bit too hungry to take a picture of my plate but I think you understand this dish was as filling as a breath of air. It's crazy, just because you eat vegan, people tend to think you probably eat almost nothing at all. As a result, I started grazing on my table companions' complimentary fries and decided to allow myself a glass of white wine (and another one). I have to add that except for the food, it was a great night eating outside and discussing fellow musicians. I just didn't feel too good about myself after eating a whole bag of trailmix from the gasstation on the way back. That was very, very, extra unnecessary (I am listening to Nat King Cole while writing this).

So today, I feel like having a 'balance day' and I'll be having nothing but a whole load of fruits and vegetables. Starting this morning with a pink monster (green apple, beetroot, zucchini, celerystick & mint)

And, after yesterday's question for a good pumpkin achar recipe, Hiske (who I'll, upon request, never again call 'my foodie friend') sent me this one by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I am now off on a pumpkin hunt!

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