Endive Intimidation

This morning I took my very first Bikram Yoga class, and I am glad to say that is was very doable. No fainting, no nausea, no collapsing, and no dying (hurray!). I like to think my Mexican roots make me more heat resistant, and ofcourse I was very well prepared (hydrated and with an emptyish stomach). Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I was any good at it. My body could by no means be called flexible and my standing leg was as wobbly as a bowl of jelly pudding. But afterwards I felt GREAT and I now get how that feeling is highly addictive ('look at the sky! I see clearer! I love this fresh air! I can smell better! I love everyone! Why the hell is it raining again and why are all these tourists clogging the bike lanes!').
Well, let's see how I hold up at my second class.

In the meanwhile I am on a slight 7 day detox of only fruits and veggies (and lots of green monsters), battling a last few excess pounds. So no recipes from me for you, even though I am very anxious to try some of the delicious recipes in my recently acquired copy of Veganomicon.

And I need your help. I picked up my vegetable subscription today and while unpacking at home I was confronted by a very intimidating killer monster sized head of endive (which has, in my humble opinion, no legit reason for being in a one-person-veggiebag). What's a girl to do? I cannot eat all of it as a salad, I'll turn green!


Martine said...

Oh dear, we get those monster endives in our 2-person bag as well. We sometimes get as many as four 2-person meals from one of those.

1. Invite people over to come and share your delicious endive creations.
2. Use it in lunch salads
3. Endive is nice in spicy stir fry dishes, use it like you would paksoi/ bok choy
4. Make Dutch 'stamppot': mash raw endive through potatoes along with some sauteed mushrooms, onion and some nuts/tempeh/sundried tomatoes

Good Luck!

Gnoe (@Graasland) said...

And I love indonesian 'toemis andijvie' but I'm not sure whether you can have that during your detox? (Oh, and half a dl of oil is of course nonsense: you could use a little of just a little water to 'fry' your onions in).

Stir-frying with leek, apple and 'nasi kruiden' is nice too!